RECOM is a manufacturer of AC-DC electronic power supplies and DC-DC converters, with a portfolio of over 30,000 compact power supplies, for use in a wide variety of applications. RECOM excel by applying innovative, customer centric thinking to an extensive global distribution network. They aim to innovate and develop new ideas to make standard and customised power converters. Within RECOM’s product portfolio, you can find a vast selection of high-quality DC-DC converters, LED drivers, switching regulators, switching power supplies and power supply accessories.

In the late 1970s, RECOM identified that modular isolated DC-DC converters would follow the trend for switching power supplies, with the company capitalising on and pioneering this trend from the start. RECOM have now turned their attention to broadening their presence in the AC-DC power supply sector.

RECOM launched its first DC-DC converter in 1988 and since then, they have developed a vast range of power conversion products to suit almost any application. RECOM’s product portfolio includes power products that meet the requirements for industrial, transport, household, medical, mobility, industrial automation and test and measurements applications, as well as many more.

What is ‘R4’ or ‘RECOM for ALL’?

RECOM pride themselves on their versatile selection of power products and refer to their portfolio as R4 or RECOM for ALL, meaning they are confident they can meet the requirements of any power product customer.

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