Structural Systems

Build your own frames and complete structural systems with leading brands Bosch Rexroth and FlexLink, as well as our own quality brand RS Pro. Our range of tubing and aluminium structural products include aluminium profiles and tubing for construction systems, power lift, simple frames and jigs, plus hardware support for printers and scanners. Galvanised and aluminium hand rails for indoor, outdoor and rooftop applications are also available.

What can structural systems be used for?

Structural systems and handrails can be used in building and designing manufacturing assembly lines for example for machine guarding, providing support for various framing purposes.

Piping and tubing is designed to create a structure of support that is efficient and easy to assemble when undertaking a project. We carry tubing and struts in a range of sizes and styles in order for you to engineer your best structural system this includes:

  • Beams
  • Round tubes
  • Strut profiles
  • And several other types

We also carry a wide range of connecting components in various materials, colours and sizes of components for construction, as well as fixings such as masonry anchors.

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