Computing & Peripherals

A computer peripheral is any input and output hardware device that connects to a computer but is not necessarily an element that is part of the core construction of the computer. The core elements of a computer include the central processor unit and elements within the motherboard. The other elements are commonly considered a computer peripheral allowing users to expand the functions of a computer. Examples of computer peripherals include; keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers etc.

To make the most out of our computers, whether it is for personal use, in offices or industrial spaces or other solutions, we need to connect peripherals and computing accessories to carry out daily tasks. Here at RS Components, we offer an expansive range of top branded computer peripherals and accessories.

What are some of the types of computing and peripheral devices offered by RS Components?

Computing peripherals are usually split into the groups below (some may fall into multiple categories).

  • Input devices such as a mouse and keyboard are essential devices for any computer usability. RS Components offer various types, including ergonomically designed mice and keyboards, ensuring we have solutions suitable for all users. Other devices include tracker balls, webcams, microphone, barcode reader etc.
  • Output devices such as computer monitors is an essential element for displaying information. RS Components offer a variety of computer monitors in different sizes, resolutions and quality. Our range will ensure you have a solution for all purposes. Other output devices include printers, projectors, speakers, headsets. These are all suitable for different home and business solutions.
  • Storage devices such as an External Hard Drive or USB Sticks, CD/DVD.
  • Networking devices such as a router, firewall, and network switch.

Why choose RS Components for Computer and Peripherals?

With a reputation for quality and service, we guarantee to offer the most well-stocked, up-to-date and competitive products in our range, giving our customers a great service on every visit. Every item sold at RS Components is sourced from one of our trusted manufacturers, or manufactured by us directly. Thus, giving our customers the peace of mind that you are buying the best products. Even more, our wide selection of computer peripherals and accessories are available on next day delivery, ensuring all customers are provided with a great experience.

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