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    Phone Accessories

    Phone accessories are designed to help set-up or maintain your phone, or provide additional functionality. Whether its adding connectivity, adding audio or improving usability, there's an accessory for these.Types of Phone Accessories:• Couplers connect two other connection together, for example two telephone plug cords.• Adapters convert connection types or increase number of connections. • Cables come with various connectors depending on the application. They are often used to connect to power sources or to add another accessory, such as a headset.• Base stations are designed to handle phone calls. They often include an answering machine, directories and the ability to add multiple handsets.• Plugs or connectors are often IDC connectors which provide communication or data transmission.• Microphones provide an audio output ideal for use in conferencing.• Wall attachments enable the phone to be mounted to the wall.• Bells are used in loud environments where you cannot hear a standard ring tone.• Extension leads• Extension kits

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