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    Headphones are a pair of ear cups containing speaker drivers that are connected by a wire or band. When an electrical signal is sent from the device the headphones are connected to the speaker driver converts it into a sound wave which is then transmitted to the users ears allowing them to hear the audio.

    Types of Headphone

    Over-Ear Headphones: Over-Ear Headphones have large cups that cover the entire ear and provide a high sound quality and good noise isolation.

    On-Ear Headphones: On-Ear Headphones: also known as supra-aural headphones have smaller cups and rest on top of the ear. These headphones provide less noise isolation

    In-Ear Headphones: also known as Earphones or ear buds are compact earphones that are inserted into the ear canal and often come with different tip sizes

    Headsets: Headsets are a combination of headphones and a microphone designed for communication purposes allowing users to listen to audio and speak into a microphone simultaneously

    Headphones can be wired or wireless, wired headphones connect to a device using a cable and jack connector whilst wireless headphones use wireless technologies for a remote connection such as Bluetooth Headphones


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