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    Over Ear Headphones

    Over ear headphones are also known as circumaural headphones and feature large ear cups that completely cover the userˈs ears, they are often built with robust materials making them more durable than smaller headphones. Over ear headphones contain large speaker drivers which produce accurate and detailed audio due to their ability to reproduce a wider frequency range resulting in a high-quality sound output. The over ear design of these headphones provides a high level of noise isolation with the padded ear cups acting as a barrier to external sound which gives the user an immersive sound experience with a greater sense of audio depth. Noise leakage is prevented by the ear cup design so the audio being listened to cannot be heard by surrounding people. The design of the ear cups also enables pressure to be distributed evenly around the ears making the headphones comfortable to wear for prolonged periods. The headbands and cups on most over ear headphones are adjustable ensuring the user can achieve the perfect fit. Over ear headphones are available as wired over ear headphones which connect to a device using a cable with an audio jack or USB connector or wireless over ear headphones which use wireless technologies such as Bluetooth

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