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    A Headset or telephone headset is a piece of equipment that allows users to communicate with others hands free, this is done through applying headphones to the user's ears. Most sets feature a control unit which allow users to adjust settings. Our generous range of telephone headsets are available in a variety of types & brought to you from leading brands such as Plantronics, Jabra, Logitech & Sennheiser.

    What is the best Telephone Headset to use?

    Identifying the correct set for you will all depend on the environment that you wish to use them. Below is a simple guide and typical places to use speakerphones

    • Ear Piece - These are designed to be applied to the ear during use, they have been ergonomically designed to fit securely and comfortably. They are commonly used as a phone headset for personal use, many use these when they are either walking or exercising or simply relaxing. The majority of ear piece headsets are corded, but with modern day technology continuously being introduced there are now wireless earpiece headsets available.
    • Over the Head - These are a great solution for those working in an office or an environment that requires a concentration zone whilst on a call. The headphones are placed completely over the ear with the feature of an adjustable headband which allows them to be noise cancelling and improves the sound quality.
    • Convertible - A convertible headset has several different ways of being worn. These are considered multi-use and can be worn over the ear or over the head making them the perfect choice for "on the go" or busy working at a desk.The majority of telephone headsets, if they're not cordless can be connected through a USB, Jack Plug, USB Dongle or a plug

    What are the benefits of using a Telephone Headset?

    • The majority of the headsets are lightweight, making them portable too
    • Many feature a wideband frequency response, which promotes a more natural sound.
    • Reliability, convenient and comfortable. They can also improve your posture
    • Hands free, improves productiveness as well as safety if users are driving or operating heavy machinery especially if they're also a wireless headset.
    • A noise cancelling microphone will reduce distractions. The benefits are endless when choosing to use a Monaural or Binaural headset. A Monaural headset will allow you to communicate with colleagues whilst maintaining a conversation on the telephone, a great option as a deskphone because it improves productiveness. A Binaural headset is a great solution as a noise cancelling headset, they can also improve the call quality whilst allowing you to do your work independently.
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