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      • Published 28 Jun 2023
      • Last Modified 29 Aug 2023
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    A Guide to Tubing and Profile Struts by Bosch Rexroth

    Tubing and profile struts provide a cost-effective solution for all your mechanical framework designs. Read this useful guide from RS and Bosch Rexroth to discover everything you need to know about tubing and profile struts.

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    What are Tubing and Profile Struts?

    To have a sufficient workstation, the right components and finishes need to be put in place. Here at RS, we can help you build virtually anything with tubing and profile struts. We have partnered with the assembly technology experts at Bosch Rexroth so that you can have an array of design options that meet your requirements.

    From shelving and safety fences to workstations and a multitude of other framing systems, the modular materials within Bosch Rexroth’s range can help you frame your environment in no time. Whether you want to enhance your engineering workshop or a material handling facility, or simply organise your warehouse and distribution centre, Bosch Rexroth tubing and profile struts can do just that.

    Tubing and Profile Struts

    To help you decipher which tube or strut profile you need, this guide will explain:

    • What is profile finishing?
    • Who uses tubing and profile struts?
    • What should be considered when deciding on tubing and profile struts?
    • What types of tubes and profiles are there?

    What is Profile Finishing?

    Whenever your project uses interlocking connectors, profile finishing is required. For instance, if you have a central bore, threads will need to be cut in, or if you have a bolt connector, bores will need to be added. These processes entail standard profile finishing which consists of standard dimensions, but some projects can be more complex than others because of individual profile finishing.

    If your construction, however, does, in fact, require individual profile finishing along the points of the profile, rather than standard profile finishing, then Bosch Rexroth has got you covered. The Bosch Rexroth range of modular materials enables you to build your construction with accuracy.

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    Keep in mind...

    Standard profile finishing mainly includes through-hole drilling and standard milling. Individual profile finishing involves hole drilling, cross milling, lengthwise milling, miter cutting, and more.

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    Who Uses Tubing and Profile Struts?

    Profile Strut

    Anyone who is building a structural system - such as a shelving unit or safety fence, for example – can benefit from tubing and profile struts. With a simple yet sufficient design, anyone can achieve a seamless finish with Bosch Rexroth’s range.

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    A quick note to remember...

    Bosch Rexroth’s tubing and profile struts are made from aluminium - a versatile, lightweight, and flexible material - so that you can gain the most from their well-designed connection technology.

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    Say Hello to Framing System Materials That You Can Trust…

    Versatile and Flexible

    Strong tubing and profile struts are crucial for a long-lasting framing system. Utilising Bosch Rexroth’s high-quality connection technology enables you to have a versatile working environment that you can trust. With durable materials made from aluminium, you do not need to worry about replacing your systems often and, in fact, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing your framing system at all.

    Efficient Functionality

    So why do tubing and profile struts from Bosch Rexroth hold so many benefits? Well, one of the main issues that come with constructing framing systems is how inefficient and time-consuming it can be to build and install them. However, Bosch Rexroth place functionality at the core of their designs. Each framing element, whether it’s a round tube or a strut profile, smoothly fits together with precision and high-force absorption – a key factor to quick and easy installations.


    You may be sceptical when it comes to deciding on where to get your framework elements from, or even when physically putting your framework together, but with Bosch Rexroth tubing and profile struts you can rest assured and build in confidence knowing that they are safe to use in various work environments.

    With the framing elements being ESD-safe, they reduce the risks that surround static electricity. So, if your work environment withholds any electrical risks, look no further because, thanks to Bosch Rexroth, they provide safe tubing and profile struts right at your fingertips.

    Watch out for ESD-safe products, as some components within Bosch Rexroth’s construction kits are not ESD-safe. You can recognise an ESD-safe Bosch Rexroth product by their colour. For example, the profiles, connector end caps, or cover profiles are not ESD-safe if they are grey, but if they are black then they are ESD-safe.

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    What Should I Consider When Deciding on a Strut Profile?

    1. The cross-section and length of the profile - There is a multitude of different profile cross-sections so that you can get the precise one that you need
    2. The groove sizes - Selecting the most accurate groove size will help ensure a quick and efficient installation
    3. The number of grooves - You need the correct number of grooves so that the framing structure can piece together smoothly and securely
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    Other Factors to Consider When Deciding...

    Identify the type of finishing: through-hole drilling, standard milling, miter cutting, etc.

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    Types of Tubes and Strut Profiles

    Choosing the right tube or strut profile that suits your framework design comes down to some key factors. Browse the features and their suitable functions below:

    Strut Profile Slot (Groove) Sizes

    • 6 mm slot: for light-weight structures, such as supports and fixtures
    • 8 mm slot: for medium-weight structures, such as material shuttles and trolleys, and partition walls
    • 10 mm slot: for heavy-weight structures, such as heavy machine units and tables
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    Please note:

    The Bosch Rexroth strut profiles that have a 10 mm slot are available in 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, and 60 mm modular dimensions, which cover the conventional profile dimensions within the global market.

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    Slot Sizes and Dimensions Diagram

    Round Tubes

    • Suitable for constructing heavy-weight cross ties in workstations or flow racks
    • Matching components can put together conveyor tracks
    • Using brackets within construction for easy and swift assembly (the mounting brackets have an elongated hole to adhere to longitudinal compensation)
    EcoShape Round Tube System

    EcoShape Round Tube Systems

    If you need a simple and cost-effective solution for all your tubular framework projects, then Bosch Rexroth’s EcoShape range can do just the job. Their EcoShape round tube systems have an outer diameter of 28 mm which can be used to create many different frameworks: material shuttles, flow racks, tables, shelving units, and much more.

    In alignment with kaizen and poka-yoke principles, this range can help you build a faultless structural system in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

    Features of the EcoShape Round Tubes:

    • No profile machinery necessary
    • Easy installation on site
    • Seamless assembly lines that help prevent errors
    • Poka-yoke system integrated for a secure and efficient connector installation
    • Effortless form-fit connection for all elements
    • ESD-Safe: suitable for use in ESD-conductive settings
    • Anti-torsion elements to keep the joints secure
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