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    The evolution of Panasonic has led to a company with annual sales in excess of 7.5 billion yen. Founded in 1918, the Panasonic Corporation emplo...

    Panasonic House, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 8FP, United Kingdom

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    Panasonic Industry is part of the global Panasonic Industry corporation, a multinational electronics company headquartered in Japan.

    Panasonic Industry focuses on the development and manufacturing of electronic components and discrete solutions for a wide range of industries, including automotive, industrial and the broad field of smart energy, smart home, smart agriculture or smart city ecosystems. In addition to manufacturing electronic components, Panasonic Industry also provides design and engineering services to help customers integrate their products into a variety of modern applications. Panasonic Industry is committed to sustainability and has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, including developing environmentally friendly products to make smart more sustainable.

    Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors

    Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors

    • Discover first-hand how Panasonic aluminium electrolytic capacitors are revolutionizing circuit design. Panasonic designs capacitors that maximize performance and durability.
    • Panasonic manufactures aluminium electrolytic capacitors in both surface mount and radial lead types.
    • Panasonic has expanded twelve SMT Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Series to include a wide variety of Anti-Vibration part numbers that withstand 30G! New SMT Anti-Vibration Capacitors are AEC-Q200 Compliant and can be designed in with confidence for automotive applications as well as other strenuous environments which ensures optimal quality and reliability.
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    Panasonic Polymer Capacitors: an alternative to MLCCs & Tantalum capacitors

    As a leading supplier of capacitor technology, Panasonic Industry's Polymer family offer alternative solutions for an extremely wide range of MLCCs and Tantalums. With higher ripple current, low ESR and stable capacitance across a broad temperature and frequency spectrum, Polymer capacitors offer value against Electrolytics for efficient designs. The Polymer Series are an ideal alternative to MLCCs and Tantalum caps due to space and cost-reduction.

    Aluminium electrolytic capacitors with conductive polymer hybrid

    Aluminium electrolytic capacitors with conductive polymer hybrid

    • Combine the low ESR characteristics of specialty polymer capacitors and the low leakage current of aluminium electrolytic capacitors
    • High endurance, low ESR, high tolerance for ripple current, inrush currents and elevated temperature
    • Hybrid capacitors are known for their stable electric characteristics at high frequencies while maximizing reliability
    • Compact and allowing significant board space savings; vibration-proof parts are also available
    • AEC-Q200 qualification and RoHS compliant
    Panasonic Industry Resistors


    Panasonic offers a wide range of SMD chip resistors in various resistance values and sizes designed for a variety of applications and markets. Panasonic's resistors have a wide range of features and specifications- Including conventional thick film chip resistors or special types such as anti-sulphur, chip resistor arrays in sizes 0201 to 0805, three different types of power resistors, surface mount and leaded EMI filters, and one of the smallest chip fuses in the industry.

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    Panasonic Industry Inductors


    Panasonic metal composite monolithic structure realizes highest reliability, robustness and performance. Panasonic Inductive Products include a broad range of SMD and Metal Composite Power Choke Coils that are AEC-Q200 Automotive compliant.

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    Panasonic Industry Relays


    Panasonic is a relay innovation leader for more than 40 years, always with the focus to provide the smallest and most efficient switching solutions in the world. A comprehensive portfolio of more than 2,000 relay versions offers super miniature MOSFET relays for signal applications up to 120A for high power switching directly on the PCB.

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    Panasonic Industry Wireless modules

    Wireless modules

    Panasonic Wireless Connectivity solutions encompass a wide range of technologies, with a focus on helping design engineers increase their product’s speed-to-market. The product portfolio covers all of today’s latest communication protocols with ready-to-use modules for Bluetooth® Low Energy and Classic. Engineered with design simplicity in mind, Panasonic’s Wireless Solutions allow design engineers to quickly extend wireless communication into their feature set.

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    Shine For Clean Energy: Solar Inverters

    Shine For Clean Energy: Solar Inverters

    As the world moves towards making more eco-friendly responsible choices, the demand for sustainable and renewable energy has driven consistently high growth in the solar inverter market. Learn how Panasonic's film capacitors can contribute to optimizing the design of string inverters.

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