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    RECOM Power Supply Accessories

    RECOM are a global manufacturer of electronic power supplies and converters, with a large portfolio of products for use in a range of applications. RECOM's power supply accessories range hosts a variety of high-quality accessories, to suit your specific needs.

    RECOM pride themselves on their "R4 – RECOM for ALL" approach, which refers to their confidence that they can meet the requirement of any power product customer. Their power supply accessories range consists of the devices and components required to support systems that deliver electrical power.

    What products are included in RECOM's power supply accessories range?

    RECOM's power supply accessories range includes power supplies, adapter boards, battery modules, clamping surge protectors, common mode chokes, DIN rail mounting kits, evaluation boards and modules, line inductors, and more.

    What products do RECOM's power supply accessories support?

    RECOM's accessories support a variety of their electrical devices, including buck regulator modules, DC-DC converters, AC-DC converters, and more.

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