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    Power Supply Accessories

    Power supply accessories are all of the components and devices that relate to the systems of delivering electrical power to a given load. This can include plug sets, diode modules and battery modules. Power supply accessories are usually needed to replace damaged parts of the power supply, or to create a new one. RS offer a range of good suppliers such as Siemans, Phoenix Contact and Tracopower, amongst many others.

    How does power supply work?

    Power supplies deliver electrical power to devices in order for them to function. This usually means that they take an input supply and convert it to whatever parameters are needed in order to deliver it to the component it is attached to. This might be done through a device such as a current transformer, which steps up or down the electrical current to the voltage needed by the component.

    Types of power supply accessories

    Power supply accessories are manifold, but some common examples include:

    • Plugs
    • Batteries, which can be either rechargeable or regular
    • Mounting kits, for attaching the power supply to the wall or a panel or similar
    • Cables.
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