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    RECOM Common Mode Chokes

    A RECOM common mode choke is an electrical filter that works to block high frequency noise that is common to power or data lines. The device still allows the required signal or DC to pass through. Common mode noise current can be produced through sources like unwanted radio signals, inverters, and motors. If a common mode choke is not used, this noise can cause interference in electrical circuits and other electronic equipment.

    Why buy a common mode choke from RECOM's range?

    RECOM is dedicated to providing high quality electronic power supplies and accessories to its extensive global distribution network. Their common mode chokes are no exception and are designed and manufactured through an innovative, customer centric lens. All common mode chokes from RECOM are RoHS conformant.

    What devices can RECOM's common mode chokes be used with?

    RECOM's common mode chokes are commonly used with their DC-DC converters, as well as other electrical devices from their range.

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