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    RECOM DIN Rail Mounting Kits

    A DIN rail mounting kit is a kit that includes metal rails, and the necessary components, required to mount circuit breakers and other types of electrical equipment inside electrical cabinets and enclosures. RECOM provide high quality DIN rail mounting kits that you can rely on to safely install and mount your modules.

    Why choose a DIN rail mounting kit from RECOM?

    RECOM are a globally renowned manufacturer of power supplies, converters, and accessories. They are dedicated to being a one stop shop for power product customers and provide high quality products and customer care to an extensive global distribution network. You can rest assured that any purchase from their range of DIN rail mounting kits will deliver a high quality, reliable and practical kit, to suit your specific requirements.

    What does DIN rail mean?

    DIN rail is based off the word DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm), which translates to German Industrial Standard. DIN refers to the tolerances and dimensions of a rail and allows manufacturers to design suitable assembly methods, for products that are to be mounted on to the rail.

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