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    RECOM Evaluation Boards

    Evaluation boards are printed circuit boards (PCB's) that are designed to offer users a wide range of options and settings, making them suitable for a range of applications. An evaluation board from RECOM gives users the ability to select the ideal components for their design.

    What evaluation boards are included in RECOM's range?

    RECOM's range includes the following evaluation boards:

    • R-78S - RECOM's R-78S evaluation boards enable engineers to easily test the functionality of RECOM's R-78S switching regulators
    • RPM â€" RECOM's RPM evaluation boards are suitable for use with RECOM's RPM buck regulator series. They can generate a constant output voltage, with an output current of up to 6A.

    RPX â€" RECOM's RPX evaluation boards enable you to check the basic functions of RECOM's RPX power modules including control, voltage selection, output sense and how the modules perform in conditions where overload or overtemperature are present

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