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    Traco Power Power Supply Accessories

    All the parts and devices that go into systems that deliver electrical power to a specific load are considered power supply accessories. RS offer a range of different power supply accessories from Traco Power available with free next day delivery. Typically, power supply accessories are required to either create a new power supply or replace damaged components in an existing one.

    Types of Traco Power power supply accessories include:

    • AC Input Connector
    • Battery Module
    • Buffer Module
    • Cable Assembly
    • Cover Kit
    • DC Output Connector
    • DIN Rail Mounting Kit
    • Heat Sink
    • Mounting Kit
    • Redundancy Module

    How does a power supply operate?

    Devices require electrical power to operate and function and this is delivered through power sources. This often implies that the input supply is transformed into the necessary parameters before being sent to the component to which it is paired with. This might be accomplished with a tool like a current transformer, which amplifies or reduces electrical current to the voltage required by the component. Browse our range of Traco Power Power Supply Accessories suitable for a variety of requirements.

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