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    Transformer Accessories

    Mounting kits are used for safely storing and mounting your transformer – devices used in electrical circuits to change the voltage of the current flowing through the circuit. They can also be used for chassis assembly (in vehicle frames) or in PCBs (printed circuit boards).

    Mounting kits application

    Electric appliances such as:

    • washing machines
    • dishwashers
    • computer chargers

    all have small transformers built into them.

    If you've got some of these at home, you'll have noticed that they get warm after they've been on for a while. The waste heat that all transformers produce can damage the transformer's insulation, in turn shortening its life, and making it much less reliable. That's why mounting kits are important – they keep the transformer away from other components and can provide the necessary insulation to prevent this.

    Types of mounting kits

    There are various mounting kits available. You should pick one according to your transformer. You should choose mounting disks for toroidal transformers, rail clips for compact transformers or mounting assembly kits (with clips, nuts and bolts and a base plate) for use with power transformers.

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