Hand Protection

Hand Protection is a large part under the Personal protective clothing umbrella of PPE (personal protective equipment). Designed to ensure the safety of you and others using either reusable materials or disposable gloves.

What is the importance of Hand Protection?

Hand Protection exists to prevent injury and harm to all parts of the hands. There are different types of hand protection available depending on the tasks or hazards the wearer will be exposed to, such as high temperatures, chemically hazardous materials or sharp equipment.

Hand Protection offers a variety of disposable gloves and reusable work gloves in different material, pack sizes and glove sizes.

Types of Gloves

Leather gloves provide great protection for your hands, through durability, grip and insulation. Leather gloves are typically thicker than normal fabric gloves and offer higher levels of protection.

Coated Fabric gloves offer additional hand protection to cotton gloves against punctures, cuts and abrasives. Coatings of the gloves usually are PVC, Nitrile and Polyurethane aids better grip when lifting and handling.

Latex and Rubber gloves are the most commonly used throughout the medical and laboratory environments. These gloves are light and flexible offering protection against hazardous and harmful substances. These gloves don't offer any puncture protection, but limited abrasive resistance.

Kevlar gloves combines durability and lightweight for a number of industrial applications. Kevlar gloves can be used as under gloves for hand protection to prevent punctures.

Butyl Rubber gloves are the best choice when handling hazardous chemicals as rubber resist the harmful substances effectively such as acids, peroxides, rocket fuel etc. They are very resistant to changes in temperature from hot to cold and levels of abrasion.

Puncture Resistant gloves are specially designed to resist any punctures from sharp objects. Related to the EN388 rating and rated from 1 to 4, with higher puncture resistance provide greater protection against needles, syringes etc.

Our range of hand protections comes from trusted brands such as BM Polyco, Ansell, Mapa Spontex and our own quality brand RS Pro.

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