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    Clock, Timing & Frequency ICs

    Clock, timing & frequency ICs are electronic devices that provide timing frequency to circuits. A clock IC is an electronic device that is used for the generation, manipulation, distribution, conditioning, or controlling of a timing signal in electronic systems. A timing IC is used to control sequences of events in electronic systems. Frequency ICs are circuits that have been designed to keep a circuit tuned to the frequency of an incoming radio signal.

    What types of clock, timing & frequency ICs are there?

    Clock, timing & frequency ICs have a range of different functions such as;

    • Clock Drivers, Distribution
    • Clock Synthesizers
    • Delay Lines & Timing Elements
    • Clock Buffers
    • Bus Repeaters
    • Function Generator IC
    • Phase Detectors
    • Real-Time Clocks
    • Timer Circuits
    • Watchdog Timers

    Typical applications

    Clock, timing & frequency ICs are widely used in an array of applications such as;

    • Low jitter, low phase noise clock distribution
    • Wireless transceivers
    • ATE (Automatic test equipment)
    • Sensory applications
    • Frequency translation and low-frequency PLLs

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