Head Protection

Head Protection equipment is an important part of daily personal protective equipment (PPE) alongside other available PPE protective clothing including, gloves, high visibility garments, safety footwear, safety helmets, goggles & amp safety glasses and spill kits that protect the person wearing or using them from hazards, infections or injury.

It is important that your head is protected in all environments and we have an extensive range of Hard Hats, Bump Caps and Head Protection Accessories that are certified and compliant with EN standards and regulations.

If you are unsure of the right head protection you need, we have guides to assist you in your decision making with our Workplace Safety Guide and the PPE & Regulations Guide.

Hard Hats

Hard Hats are also known as Safety Helmets, are necessary to protect your head from falling objects, especially within the construction industry and working at height environments. Hard Hats should be free from damage and meet EN397 safety regulations.

Bump Caps

Bump Caps will not protect your head from falling objects but are an important item to protect you from other head hazards like, bumps and scrapes when working in enclosed spaces especially in, around and underneath machinery. Bump Caps should meet the safety standard EN812. If you are working in an environment where there is a risk from falling objects, then use a hard hat.

Head Protection Accessories

We have a range of head protection accessories suitable for use and they provide you with added protection within any environment.

Our hard hat accessories will help protect your face, eyes, ears, chin and the range available covers, eye shields, chin straps, neck protection, liners and sweatbands, hoods and sweatbands, safety lights, hi-vis markings.

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