Safety Footwear

Safety footwear is essential personal protective equipment in some workplaces such as construction, warehousing, factories and kitchens. They protect your feet and help prevent injuries to them from falling objects or compression and can be worn throughout the working day.

Types of protection

Safety footwear come in many styles and sizes, traditional safety shoes and safety boots contain re-enforced toe caps to protect your feet from impact, but nowadays they can be made of materials such as aluminium or metal-free thermoplastics. As such, they're required where hazardous terrain or where the handling of heavy objects occurs. Steel or composite toe cap boots are typically used in warehouses, where there is a higher chance of heavy objects falling onto your feet.

For more hazardous environments, sturdier protective footwear is required. Our range offers cut-proof, penetration proof steel midsoles and abrasion-proof safety shoes. These shoes and boots can offer protection in potentially dangerous fields such as landscaping and tree surgery, or wherever heavy machinery is operated. Shockproof safety shoes and boots are available to provide protection against vibration.

Waterproof footwear might ensure safety in adverse weather or wet environments, but sometimes more robust liquid protection is required. Within our range you will find safety boots, shoes, trainers and wellingtons with resistance against oils and chemicals. With acid and even fat resistance available, there is footwear available to meet the most challenging health and safety demands.

For lighter safety demands more comfortable footwear is available. Whether a lightweight and breathable safety trainer and anti-slip soles for where workplace floors might be damp, safety footwear doesn’t have to be bulky and uncomfortable.

Whether you’re handling heavy objects, working with chemicals or need anti-bacterial, anti-static or ESD safe properties, appropriate safety footwear is a standard requirement in many environments. Our range of protective footwear includes high quality shoes from leading brands, to suit all applications.

How is safety footwear graded?

EN standards are the easiest and quickest way to make sure that your selected safety footwear meets the workwear standards you require. For more information please view our Footwear Protection Guide.

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