Test Connectors

We stock a wide array of test connectors which can be used for all of your measurement and testing needs. Our range of test connectors, test plugs, clips, probes, and adapters can be used for application in many situations; industrially, scientifically and also for learning or teaching.

What are test connectors and their uses?

Test connectors are used in conjunction with test and measurement equipment such as multimeters, test leads and oscilloscopes so that they can effectively inspect and test for issues. They’re often used to test whether the various components such as cables are being used in the circuit have a connection problem and not a fault with the system or a different component, testing can be done as a part of quality control with a test item from a large stock of product. Test connectors are also used as a standard when testing electrics and there are many different components available. In addition to testing for quality control, the development side contains a significant amount of testing. Devices are continuously tested for safety and durability, and to make sure the device is meeting the current, voltage, and resistance requirement.

Our most popular test connector areas include:

  • 4mm test sockets - which can be stacked and linked together to form a complex circuit that is being tested. They're commonly used by electricians to check sockets, although many electricians keep a stock of sizes ranging from 1mm to 6mm.
  • Pneumatic or spring test probes - provide a high spring force and can be used in automated test applications.
  • Crocodile clips - designed to easily clip onto a test lead and connect directly to an electrical component.

Our selection of plugs and sockets allow our connectors to be versatile in their various applications both industrially and domestically.

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