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    Grabber & Hook Clips

    Grabber clips and hook clips, sometimes known as test clips or IC clips are small plastic probes which fit onto the end of a test lead. They are used to create a temporary electrical connection which can be used with delicate components. Hook clips, grabber clips and test leads are used together to test electrical connections. When connected to a device, such as a multimeter, you can monitor and test electronic circuits. This is essential for maintenance or looking for faults. Hook clips, grabber clips and test leads can also be used during prototyping on a breadboard.

    How do they work?

    Both types of clip feature a mechanism, such as a spring, which controls a hook (Hook Clip) or a set of pincers (Grabber Clip). Once the mechanism is pushed, the hook or pincers will protrude out of the clip and when released will retract back inside the clip. Hook clips and grabbers can be hooked onto a wire or lead to create an electrical connection allowing you to work hands-free and can also grasp tiny components firmly and avoid short-circuiting.

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