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    ROCK SBC Shop

    The ROCK SBC shop is the perfect place to find the latest range of low-power, high-performing and multifunctional single board computers, compute modules and accessories that will boost your projects and encourage incredible design innovations.

    Whether searching for the best AI and IoT solutions for industrial manufacturing, smart buildings, multimedia applications or smart agriculture, stay assured that the ROCK SBC shop is the go-to place for robust & powerful hardware.

    Here you can find the next-gen ROCK 5B SBC that supports up to 8K display resolution, or the special edition ROCK 4 SE SBC, for example, as well as a vast range of accessories, including cases, heatsinks, eMMC modules, HATs and many more, ready to help you expand your projects and benefit from the unlimited possibilities of the ROCK.

    What can you find in the ROCK SBC shop?

    • ROCK SBC boards

    Look no further if you’re on the hunt for the best single board computer for a new development project. Find the most incredible range of ROCK single board computers and compute modules in the ROCK SBC shop, such as the ROCK 4 SE, ROCK 4C+, ROCK 5B, ROCK 3A, ROCK 3C and ROCK CM3, all fitted with powerful hardware, solid as a ROCK.

    For example, when searching for the best single board computer for industrial automation, the ROCK 4C+ 4GB board is your perfect choice. It incorporates class-leading functionality and guarantees reliable performance even in the most demanding industrial applications. The next-gen ROCK 5B 8GB, the first SBC that supports 8K display resolution, is the best single board computer for streaming, perfect for advanced multimedia and smart building applications.

    No matter how big or small of next project is, you’ll find the best fit in the ROCK SBC shop. Opt for a ROCK 3 Compute Module as a cost-effective development solution for boosting your project, or buy the ROCK SBCs in bulk to scale your design applications.

    • ROCK SBC accessories

    To maximise the potential of the ROCK boards, you can find a vast selection of ROCK accessories in our range, all designed to work seamlessly with your ROCK board. Practical accessories such as ROCK cases, HATs & add-ons, cables, power supplies, wireless modules, and memory and storage solutions are all brought together in one shop to allow you to get the best hardware for bringing your ideas to life.

    With more exciting products coming into the ROCK SBC shop, check out the whole range of the latest boards, compute modules and accessories available now.

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