Safety Flooring

Safety flooring and safety matting is designed to help reduce the risk of slips and injuries in the workplace and to protect employees. This is especially in areas of increased danger such as manufacturing environments working near machinery or high voltage equipment.

What type of safety flooring products do I need?

We offer a large collection of safety matting and equipment that adheres to health and safety legislation. From entrance mats to rubber matting, the RS range offers non-slip floor coverings, built with durable materials and adhesives - ideal for making your workplace compliant with today's health and safety requirements.

Anti-fatigue mats are ideal for use in areas such as warehouses where workers have to stand for long time periods and can become tired. The mats help to keep employees comfortable for longer.

If you would like to help prevent slips, trips and improve traction in specific locations, we offer a range of anti-slip floor mats for use in home, commercial and industrial environments. They’re available in different designs for example with drainage holes for use in wet environments.

Office chair mats are available to help chairs move more easily, improving ergonomics whilst also protecting the flooring underneath.

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