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    RECOM DC-DC Converters

    RECOM is one of the worlds most experienced and trusted DC-DC converter manufacturers. Due to their expansive expertise, they offer one of the largest portfolios of DC-DC converters on the market, with their product range including a variety of pinning options, sizes, input/output voltage combinations and operating temperature ranges. The input/output voltage of RECOM's converters starts at a quarter of a watt and goes all the way up to three kilowatts.

    RECOM invest heavily in making their portfolio of DC-DC converters the most reliable, high quality and energy efficient range available on the market. They are forever expanding the product range to suit every customers application needs and as such, they release on average a new DC-DC converter module every month.

    Whether you require a converter that is regulated or unregulated, suitable for extremely high temperatures or isolated to 10kVDC, RECOM offer a suitable product.

    What does a DC-DC converter do?

    A DC-DC converter is an electronic component that provides a specific voltage and isolation between input and output in a design. The devices are designed to meet at least one of the following requirements:

    • To provide protection against short-circuit, overheating or faults
    • To clarify compliance with EMC legislation, safety legislation or performance legislation
    • To match the primary power supply to the secondary load
    • To supply isolation between primary and secondary circuits

    Put simply, a DC-DC converter provides all different voltages used by electronic components in one single board. The isolation provided by a DC-DC converter allows engineers to comply with safety regulations, whilst solving issues such as failure protection and interferences.

    What is the difference between a regulated and unregulated DC-DC converter?

    One the one hand, regulated DC-DC converters are suitable for industrial applications due to their ability to drive high capacitive loads and operate over a vast temperature range. On the other hand, unregulated DC-DC converters are designed for use in voltage matching and general purpose isolation applications. Unregulated converters can operate under a temperature range of -40°C up to +85°C without derating.

    Why choose a DC-DC converter from RECOM?

    RECOM offer a high quality assortment of DC-DC converters, with the range including everything from non-isolated and isolated DC/DC converters, to sub-miniature SMD mount modules and half-brick power converters. RECOM's products all come with international safety certifications, as well as detailed technical datasheets, providing you with reliable, technical information about your product.

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