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    Traco Power DC-DC Converters TBA 1 Series

    Traco Power is known as a leading global power supply expert within the electronics sphere. With over 30 years experience in the design and manufacturing of DC-DC and AC-DC power supply solutions. Traco Power TBA 1 series DC-DC converters have been manufactured in a conventional SIP-4 plastic packaging material measuring 0.46 x 0.24 x 0.38″. The TBA 1 series have been curated to provide basic isolation of circuits for a variety of application types. Manufactured for low power applications to help ensure performance levels are enhanced where space is minimum. You can rely on Traco Power for reliable and high-performing power supply solutions.

    In need of a DC-DC converter? DC-DC Converters are known as components that can store electrical energy on a temporary basis. This energy is then transferred from one voltage to another level. DC is an abbreviation for the term direct current. Traco Power DC-DC converters are the most common type of converter which provide the ability to provide isolation between low power circuits. The TBA 1 series will help ensure that your design idea is materialised, whilst ensuring the quick adaptability of potential design ideas.

    What factors should you consider when looking for a Traco Power DC-DC converter? Attributes such as the output voltage, input voltage range, output current and number of outputs should all be considered. Traco Power TBA 1 series DC-DC converters have been meticulously developed to ensure notions of optimum quality and dependability are exceeded. Traco Power TBA 1 series also features higher efficiency and continuous short circuit protection and improves isolation from the standard 1000 VDC to 1500 VDC. You can also benefit from wider operating temperature ranges from -40°C to 85°C without derating. Traco Power is a brand you can rely on to ensure optimum performance.

    Traco Power TBA 1 series DC-DC converters ensure quality and longevity. Increased efficiency levels of up to 82%. Standard features include 3.3, 5, 12, 24 V inputs with standard input voltages ranges of ±10%; and single outputs of 3.3, 5.1 ,12, 15 VDC. Includes integrated short circuit protection, whilst improving reliability levels. All models comply with the required safety standards. The Traco Power TBA 1 series is suitable for a wide range of application types. To ensure the smooth sailing of your power supply circuitry please browse RS for our range of Traco Power TBA 1 series DC-DC converters. Available with free next day delivery.

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