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    Traco Power DC-DC Converters | RS

    Founded in 1944, Traco Power have over 120 employees based in 5 different locations- Switzerland, France, Germany and America. Traco Power stock over 5000 different items and pride themselves on being leading manufacturers of DC-DC Converters, so please check out our Traco Power DC-DC Converter range, available for next day delivery!

    DC-DC Converters are high frequency conversion circuits that are used within electrical equipment to send a current from one voltage to another, creating an electrical barrier to improve the safety of the electrical input and output. These converters typically work at 90% proficiency, DC-DC Converters are simple to install as they are used in so many different environments.

    There are two types of DC-DC Converters, one being isolated and the other being non-isolated, choosing the converter you need is decided on whether the input ground is connected to the output ground. Isolated DC-DC Converters ae used to convert voltages of a DC Supply from different levels in devices where there are numerous different circuits or subcircuits.

    Our Traco Power DC-DC Converter range meets international safety standards and regulations and we provide a wide range of voltage conversion with high efficiency.

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