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    Traco Power DC-DC Converter TBA 2 Series

    Traco Power is known as a leading global power supply expert within the electronics sphere. With over 30 years experience in the design and manufacturing of DC-DC and AC-DC power supply solutions. Traco Power TBA 2 series DC-DC converters have been manufactured in a conventional SIP-7 plastic packaging. The TBA 2 series have been curated to provide basic isolation of circuits for a variety of application types. Manufactured for low power applications to help ensure performance levels are enhanced where space is minimum. You can rely on Traco Power for reliable and high-performing power supply solutions.

    Looking for a high-quality DC-DC converter? Traco Power is to the rescue, providing you with reliable products that have no compromise on quality. Useful for a variety of application types. The TBA 2 series ticks all the boxes. Popular use within cost sensitive high-volume projects. Merging innovative engineering with power supply solutions. Enhanced reliability whilst ensuring maximum automation within manufacturing processes. Continuous short circuit protection, reliability and efficiency is achieved.

    The TBA 2 series provides basic isolations of circuits which is suitable for a wide variety of low power applications. Performance and efficiency levels are enhanced through high quality reliable designs. These designs meet the industry standard sip DC-DC footprint, whilst being a drop-in replacement for previous generations. Single output versions offer 5, 9, 12, and 15 voltage output while dual output versions include ± 5, 12, and 15 volt outputs. Whilst offering an operating temperature range between -40°C to 90°C without derating and I/O isolation 1500 VDC or 3000 VDC. Unregulated output levels with input voltage ranges ± 10%. Look no further, the solution to your problems is right here with Traco Power. Please browse our range of Traco Power DC-DC converters TBA 2 series available with free next day delivery.

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