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    TE Connectivity is a global industrial technology leader creating a safer, sustainable, productive and connected future....

    Faraday Road, Swindon, SN3 5HH, United Kingdom
    TE Connectivity

    Accelerating Innovation

    TE Connectivity lead the way in designing and manufacturing connectivity and sensor solutions to create a safer, more sustainable, productive and connected future. If data, signal or power moves through it, then TE Connectivity provide reliable solutions to connect and sense it, even in the harshest of environments. These solutions enable innovation in a diverse range of applications including industrial, healthcare, automotive, connected home and many more.

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    smart house

    There is no place like (SMART) home

    • Kitchen- Bring convenience and comfort to your kitchen designs with our range connectors, relay, terminals, and splice that deliver enhanced functionality, sealed protection, and space-saving options.
    • Living Room- Solutions for security cameras, smart speakers, doorbells, and ceiling fans that provide safety, reliability, and simplicity.
    • Laundry Room- Bring convenience and safety to the laundry room with our range of connector, sensor and protective component solutions that deliver enhanced functionality, safety, and time saving options.
    • Lawn Tools- Whether you are engineering a self-driving lawn mower or using a battery-operated weed trimmer or blower, view our range of connectors, sensors, terminals, and splices that are durable and can withstand the harsh weather conditions.
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    Application Solutions

    TE Connectivity Multi-level Application Solutions

    • The application solutions guide starts by assembling and connecting your PCB from a wide range of industry standard components to suit your application
    • Electrical and electronic systems require a systematic approach to ensure thoroughness of your design and specification
    • The multi-level approach aids you in defining the suitable connectors and/or components to create the final product

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    Keep ahead of the trends for increased HVAC comfort and control

    Innovation in technology is enabling systems to run more efficiently and cost-effectively and our solutions from TE will allow you to stay ahead. Explore the TE Connectivity range to see how we can help you with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning designs.

    TE Connectivity Resistors

    Fixed and Variable Resistors

    Find the right resistor for your design needs with TE Connectivity's large portfolio of reliable resistor solutions. Available in many packaging options.

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    High Performance Antennas

    High Performance Antennas

    High Performance Antennas for IoT Applications. Compact and robust design built to withstand harsh environments with high-quality transmissions in wireless

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    RF Connectors

    RF Connectors

    Designed to perform in rugged environments whilst ensuring exceptional reliability. Ideal solution for wireless and industrial applications.

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    TE Connectivity Sensors

    Reliable Sensors for IIoT

    Explore TE Connectivity’s sensor solutions that enable accurate measurement in the harshest of environments, including temperature, pressure, vibration, ultrasonic and more.

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