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    RECOM LED Drivers

    RECOM have a portfolio of over 30,000 compact power supplies and within that extensive portfolio they offer a range of high quality, versatile LED drivers. LED drivers are suitable for the regulation of LED lighting systems in both commercial and domestic environments. LED drivers are sometimes referred to as either LED power supplies or LED transformers and are self-contained power supplies, that regulate the AC current power to the DC voltage LED. They enable the power flow to remain constant and ensure that it is maintained even when the temperature increases and changes the LED's electrical properties. By responding to temperature changes, the LED driver ensures that the LED does not overheat and start to perform poorly as a result.

    What LED Drivers do RECOM manufacture?

    RECOM's range of LED drivers includes constant voltage small LED drivers and constant current LED drivers. Both types are suitable for integrated lighting and have been designed for cost-sensitive applications. RECOM's constant current LED drivers vary in voltage but maintain a constant current throughout the electronic circuit. They are suitable for powering high-power LEDs. RECOM's constant voltage LED drivers are ideal for LEDs in a string, such as LED strips due to their ability to maintain a constant voltage.

    Why buy an LED driver from RECOM's range?

    RECOM's LED drivers have a very small footprint and a super flat design making them versatile and suitable for use in applications with limited space. They offer overload and over-temperature protection, as well as open and short circuit protection. RECOM's LED drivers are also simple to install, saving time and money.

    What IP ratings do RECOM's LED drivers meet?

    RECOM's range includes LED drivers that have IP ratings ranging from IP20 to IP67. An LED drivers IP rating represents its water resistance, with lower ratings like IP20 highlighting that a product is best suited to indoor applications. On the other end of the scale, IP67 rated LED drivers are incredibly durable and are therefore ideal for use outdoors, where exposure to water is inevitable.

    What standards do RECOM's LED drivers meet?

    They are UL8750, ENEC & CE certified.

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