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    RECOM Dimmable LED Drivers

    Need a steady flow within your lighting system with dimming control? Well, RECOM have just the solution for you.

    RECOM Dimmable LED Drivers can be used to dim and alter LED lighting to your desired level, making them extremely useful for an array of different applications. From 0 to 10V, and DALI, RECOM offer a multitude of dimming operations.

    Read on to discover some other features and benefits that come alongside RECOM Dimmable LED Drivers.

    Features & Benefits

    • Wide Range of Output Voltage: Some from 2 to 35V DC, which enable extremely dim to very bright lighting.
    • Broad Operating Temperature Range: Some between -40°C and +71°C, and -40°C and +85°C, for example, means it can be used in harsh and demanding conditions.
    • Great Efficiency: Some withstanding a 96% efficiency rating, enabling you to save energy.
    • High Versatility: Select from two dimming options (analogue voltage and digital pulse-width modulation signals) which ensure a smooth, flicker-free illumination at different intensities.


    • Medical equipment
    • Entertainment industry
    • Residential buildings
    • Televisions
    • Traffic signals
    • Commercial mood lighting
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