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    RECOM DALI Converters

    Need better control over your LED light network? Use a RECOM DALI Converter to efficiently convert digital signals into analogue outputs to gain easy lighting control.

    What does DALI stand for?

    DALI stands for the "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface". It is a type of communication protocol that is used in lighting control devices such as motion detectors, various brightness sensors, electronic ballasts, and much more.

    Hence, RECOM DALI Converters support DALI commands that come directly from the DALI bus and can respond efficiently.

    How does a DALI Converter work?

    Whilst the RECOM DALI Converter receives the AC DALI signals, it responds accordingly and changes them into DC analogue signals. These DC analogue signals are then used for dimming LED lights and switching them on and off.

    Within the RECOM DALI Converter range, some can control several LED drivers, which is perfect for systems that contain multiple displays, as this means that the lighting around the room can be adjusted with just one DALI address.

    Features & Benefits

    • Energy-Saving: Built-in relay to switch off LED drivers, whilst ensuring zero no-load consumption, for greater energy efficiency.
    • Easy Installation: Screwless connectors make it simple and efficient to install.
    • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Some can withstand -20°C to +40°C for use in harsh environments, for example, when there is high moisture and condensation levels.


    • LED light networks
    • Retail applications
    • Offices
    • Residential buildings
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