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    RECOM Constant Current LED Drivers

    RECOM's range of constant current LED drivers are versatile by design and can be hidden under shelving, built into furniture, and integrated into applications with limited space. They are manufactured with cost-saving in mind and are compact in their design.

    How do RECOM's constant current LED Drivers work?

    A constant current LED driver from RECOM's range adjusts the output voltage of an LED automatically, keeping the output current stable and therefore driving a constant light output and consistent brightness. The LED drivers can be used with both chain and string LEDs connected in series, as well as single LEDs.

    What are some of the benefits of choosing a constant current LED driver from RECOM?

    RECOM's constant current LED drivers encompass a flat, space saving design and are easy to install. They are short and open circuit protected, as well as over-temperature and overload protected. A major advantage of a constant current driver is that they do not allow a single LED in a chain to be overdriven, which means all LEDs in the chain have a long operating life. If a single LED fails short circuit, the remaining LEDs will still operate. RECOM's constant current LED drivers also meet the standards UL8750 and ENEC and are CE certified.

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