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    RECOM LED Driver

    Need to minimise LED flickering and colour change, or convert digital signals into analogue outputs to control your LED light network, or control current flow to your lighting system? By supplying regulated power from the mains to your LED lighting modules without any hassle, RECOM LED Drivers can help you do just that.

    Versatile and flexible: RECOM LED Drivers have a multitude of input and output levels that can be used in a range of industrial or commercial lighting fixture applications.

    What are LED Drivers?

    LED Drivers are also known as LED Transformers or LED Power Supplies. They, ultimately, provide and regulate sufficient power to various LED components. The LED Driver itself is a power supply module that regulates AC current power to low DC voltage LEDs to maintain an efficient flow of power. The Led Driver effectively responds to temperature changes in the LED, preventing it from overheating which further deters light flickering and poor performance. For a full insight into LED Drivers, view our LED drivers guide to find out more.

    What is the difference between Constant Current and Constant Voltage?

    Constant current means that the LED Driver maintains a constant current throughout the electronic circuit, but the voltage varies. Whereas, constant voltage does the opposite, where it maintains a constant voltage.

    Constant current LED Drivers are suitable for powering high-power LEDs, as they maintain the same current. Constant voltage LED drivers are ideal for LEDs which already have a controlled current (such as a resistor) and they are also ideal for LEDs in a string (such as LED strips).

    Are LED Drivers safe to use in wet environments?

    Depending on your LED Driver's IP rating, this will determine how water-resistant it will be. RECOM's LED Drivers range from IP20 to IP67.

    Lower numbers, such as IP20, are best suited for indoor use only. If your LED Driver has an IP rating of IP44, it can be used in environments, such as a kitchen, where there are potential water splashes. Whereas, if it is IP65 or above, these LED drivers are ideal for outdoor use where it could become submerged with water.

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