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    RECOM LED Dimmer

    Are you trying to find a way of supplying carefully regulated power from the mains to your LED lighting modules? This RECOM LED Dimmer can help you do just that. From LED streetlights, outdoor light displays, to commercial LED arrays, RECOM LED Dimmers are suitable for use in an array of applications.

    What does an LED Dimmer do?

    An LED Dimmer converts the energy from the AC mains to make it safe to use with DC-powered LED components in high-wattage systems. With regulation of electricity to your LEDs, you will get a consistent flow of power that prevents fluctuations in electrical performance. LED Dimmers respond to temperature changes to deter overheating, resulting in a long service life.

    What are the main features of LED Dimmers?

    LED Dimmers typically have an operating temperature range of -40°C to +80°C, which make them safe to use even in harsh environments. With efficient versatility, they also provide a constant current and dimmable current modes for optimum performance. So that you can construct you circuit with ease, the through-hole mounting type makes it simple enough to efficiently secure it to a printed circuit board.

    Are LED Dimmers short-circuit protected?

    RECOM offers some LED Dimmers that contain an integral short-circuit protection, so that you can trust it to keep you and your equipment safe from excess current.
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