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    RECOM DALI Power Supply

    Need to control the current flow to your lighting system? The RECOM DALI Power Supply can do just that. Designed to power DALI digital lighting control buses, this type of RECOM LED driver has a broad input voltage range, making it suitable for use in an array of applications like traffic signals, office lighting, to LED Signs, and more!

    What is a DALI Power Supply?

    A DALI Power Supply – also referred to as a DALI Power Driver - is a current limited device that deters the line current from exceeding 250mA. When using a DALI Power Supply, a DALI control system can be connected at any position on the line. If the DALI control system adheres to the DALI standard regulations, numerous control systems can be connected along the same line.

    What voltage does DALI use?

    Typically, the bus voltage is 16 V. With bus power supplies connected, it offers a line current to 250 mA.

    The RECOM DALI Power Supply range offers a current rating of 0 to 200mA, and an input voltage of 90 to 264 V, for example, which can be used worldwide.

    Can I use DALI Power drivers in harsh conditions?

    Yes – the majority of RECOM DALI Power drivers have a wide operating temperature range, between -20°C and +45°C, so it can be safely used in demanding environments like laboratories or even factories.

    Features & Benefits

    • Low-weight device with compact mounting tabs to provide a convenient and simple installation with minimal strain on your equipment.
    • Durable plastic bodies that are resistant to corrosion and impact for use in challenging industrial settings.
    • Fully compliant with the IEC62386 DALI standard, so they can be used with any DALI-certified product or controller.
    • Some DALI Power Supplies have the universal input voltage range from 90V to 264V, which allows them to be used anywhere in the world.
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