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    Sanding, Filing & Polishing

    Polishing and finishing is a crucial step in completing any professional or DIY project to a high standard. It's all about adding that final aesthetic flourish, or cleaning up materials, components, edges and surfaces for better functionality and a slick overall presentation.

    What types of finishing and polishing products are available?

    • Polishing compounds - abrasive particles suspended in an oil- or water-based medium, used to enhance and restore the appearance of metal items or to remove contamination, corrosion and oxidisation.
    • Deburring tools, handles, blades and wheels - ideal for precise, high quality finishing on metalwork and machining jobs. We also sell deburring products for use on wood, plastic, ceramics or metal.
    • Wire wool and finishing rolls - steel wool pads and aluminium oxide rolls are flexible and easy to cut to size for prep work, blending, cleaning, sanding and varnishing.
    • Polishing bobs, mops and pigtails - polishing or buffing bobs and mops are made from compressed wool felt, cotton or sisal, and designed to work with rotary polishers, grinders or drills.
    • Sanding blocks and sponges are a popular steel wool alternative for light-duty cleaning, prep work and finishing on wood, fibreglass, vinyl, plastic, concrete or ceramic.
    • Honing steels are used for balancing, rather than sharpening, worn blades - although they're also known as sharpening steels, sharpening rods/sticks, or butcher steels, and your blade will usually appear sharper after use.
    • Rasp sanders and abrasive files for precision removal of surface materials.

    Whether you're looking to clean up plasterwork or metals, produce an extra-fine finish on wooden surfaces, or hone a blade to a perfect cutting edge, we stock a range of quality sanding and sharpening products to get the job done right.

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