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    RECOM Switching Regulators

    Please browse our high quality range of switching regulators, bought to you in partnership with RECOM, a manufacturer of compact power supplies, suited to a wide variety of industrial and domestic applications.

    A switching regulator is a circuit that specifically transforms input current and voltage into a voltage and an output current, that is suited to powering the required system. Switching regulators are also referred to as converters and are ideally suited to regulating energy that is transferred between two contact points, in order to maintain a constant output voltage.

    In 2005, RECOM developed their R-78 switching regulator, which encompasses an efficiency of 97%, is pin compatible with three-terminal linear regulators and doesn't require heatsink. These features make the R-78 easy to retrofit into existing systems. RECOM's switching regulator portfolio quickly expanded to include devices with higher output currents and wider voltages, with any new designs still maintaining a high quality but compact design.

    Why choose a switching regulator from RECOM?

    Due to the success of the R-78, RECOM quickly started to see counterfeit products being sold. Buyers should beware of other parts on the market having inferior performance. You can rest assured that a purchase from RECOM's range will deliver a reliable, versatile switching regulator. Switching regulators work at a much higher efficiency than linear regulators and they offer buyers a cost-effective, long term solution to power management. RECOM have automated the manufacturing of their switching regulators, meaning they can provide a cost-effective device, without compromising on quality.

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