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    RECOM Switching Power Supplies

    A switching power supply, also known as a switch mode power supply, is a type of electronic circuit which is used to convert power. RECOM specialise in producing high quality switch mode power supplies, which are often referred to as SMPS for short.

    How do RECOM SMPS work?

    The most common topology for a switch mode power supply is AC-to-DC conversion, however, there are some switches available that feature a DC-to-DC output voltage. For an SMPS to switch its input voltage to an output voltage, the switch will use a high-power frequency to turn on and off. The device will then regulate itself, with continuous switching maintaining its voltage at the desired level. The higher the rating of an SMPS, the less electricity the device consumes.

    What are some of the benefits of purchasing a high power SMPS from RECOM's range?

    RECOM switch mode power supplies are available in many output power levels, including high power options. When designing SMPS's for high power applications, RECOM's designers pay particular attention to issues such as cooling system design and choice of components. Designers of the devices also ensure devices meet the relevant ever-increasing energy efficiency standards and any necessary regulations.

    Where are RECOM switch mode power supplies used?

    An SMPS from RECOM's range can be used in a in a variety of domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. Some common applications include desktop PC's, mobile phone chargers, CCTV security systems and machine tool industrial applications. RECOM's high power SMPS's in particular are suitable for many applications including, but not limited to, the automotive industry, transportation industry and the medical field.

    How do I know if a RECOM power supply is suitable for the medical applications?

    RECOM's switching power supplies that are designed for medical applications are held to a very high standard of EMC, safety and reliability. They have been designed to meet the following safety standards, which influence the internal design of the power supply:

    • IEC60601-1 medical equipment safety standard
    • IEC60601-1-2 EMC standard

    Medical switching power supplies are suitable for many applications in the medical field including, surgical tables, laser equipment, MRI, CT and PET scanners, test or measurement systems, and many more.

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