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    RECOM 5V DC Output Voltage Switching Power Supplies

    Do you need help converting your power? Well, RECOM 5V DC Switching Power Supplies can do just that.

    What is a Switching Power Supply?

    Also referred to as switch mode power supplies (SMPS), a switching power supply is an electronic circuit which converts power. RECOM are experts in producing top-quality SMPS, using AC-DC conversion.

    How do RECOM SMPS devices work?

    Some of the SMPS devices use AC-DC conversion, which is the most common topology for a switch mode power supply. However, RECOM offer some that use a DC-DC output voltage. The main function of a SMPS is to convert the input voltage to an output voltage, further using a high-power frequency to turn on and off and regulate itself at a desired level.

    The higher the rating of an SMPS, the less electricity the device consumes.

    What is a 5V DC output voltage?

    A SMPS that has a 5V direct current output can work efficiently for lower-power devices, such as scanners, hard drives, mobile devices, or printers. Being one of the most common power supply voltages, the 5V output voltage is considered to conduct a swift and effortless power rate.

    Where can I use a 5V DC output SMPS?

    A RECOM SMPS with a 5V DC output voltage can be used in various installations, some of which include:
    • Industrial automation
    • TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) circuit power
    • Precision control circuits
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