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    Traco Power Switching Power Supplies| RS

    Feel like switching up your power supply? Take a look at our Traco Power Switching Power Supplies range, available for next day delivery!

    Switch mode power supplies, commonly shortened to SMPS are an electronic circuit used to convert power typically for AC to DC conversion although some devices contain switches that have an output for DC to DC voltage. If you are looking to convert from AC to DC voltage, this device contains an input voltage that can be filtered within the capacitor to give you a DC output.

    A switching power supply works from a switch turning high frequency on and off transforming the input and output voltage of the device. SMPS also contain inductors or capacitors which help to regulate the power, the switch and the capacitor work to maintain the voltage at the level the user requires.

    Switch Mode Power Supplies are commonly used in Laptops/PCs, mobile phones and CCTV systems and therefore are suitable in a range of different environments such as domestic and industrial. If you are looking to use the SMPS in a desktop computer you need to determine which kind of PC you have before purchasing one of these products- for example If you are using a PC for gaming you need to look for a high efficiency rating which uses less electricity as this helps to stop the PC from overheating as it keeps it cooler.

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