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    Traco Power AC/DC Power Modules TMP Series

    Traco Power is known as a leading global power supply expert within the electronics sphere. With over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of DC-DC and AC-DC power supply solutions. Introducing Traco Power's TMP & TMPM series AC/DC Power Modules – compact and efficient power solutions in a sleek design. Discover the future of power with Traco Power – where small size meets robust performance. Explore how the TMP & TMPM series can elevate your projects, setting new standards for reliability and efficiency in AC/DC power solutions.

    Featuring effortless chassis mounting with screw terminal block connection or direct PCB mounting using solder pins. Our products adhere to international safety standards for industrial control equipment, making them suitable for global markets. Ideal for space-critical applications in commercial and industrial electronics, these power supplies provide a cost-effective solution. Whether in clean environments or those with dust and pollution, trust TRACO Power for reliable performance. Here at RS we have a comprehensive array of Traco Power power modules for you to pick from, so you can find the right solution for your project. Browse our range of Traco Power AC/DC power modules available at RS with free next day delivery.

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