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    Welcome to the world of ventilation and drive technology from ebm-papst

    ebm-papst is the world's leading manufacturer of fans and motors. As a technology company, we have continually set global industry standards since we were founded in 1963. We provide the best energy-efficient, intelligent solutions for virtually any ventilation or drive technology task.ebm-papst have over 20,000 products in its range, from compact, high performance fans to energy efficient, light industrial applications. Our products are used extensively across many industries including IT/telecommunications, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration, domestic appliances, industrial engineering, and automotive. Each new product that we develop has to be better than its predecessor in terms of economy and ecology. At the heart of this is ebm-papst’s extremely efficient EC technology.RS offers a wide range of heating, ventilating and air conditioning, fan and thermal management products and accessories from ebm-papst.

    Featured products

    AxiForce compact fan

    Protect future technologies with the AxiForce series

    • Noise advantage up to 6 dB (A) in the 80mm size
    • New aerodynamic design of housing and fan impeller
    • Latest powerful and efficient motor technology
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    Custom Fan Manufacturing and Design

    • Get a custom-built fan solution with ebm-papst Higher Level Assembly
    • A "one-stop" outsourcing solution to save you time and money
    • Off-load fan design and manufacturing to a specialist manufacturer
    • Why buy a fan when you need a custom-built system?
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    Custom-built Fan Solutions from ebm-papst

    Watch the video to learn about the benefits of Higher Level Assembly (HLA), the custom assembly services offered by ebm-papst UK. Why buy a fan when you can get a custom solution?

    AC compact fan kit

    AC Compact Fan Kits

    The AC compact fan kits simplify the buying process by eliminating the need to purchase principal accessories separately.

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    IP68 protected fan

    IP68 Protected Fans

    ebm-papst IP68 ingress protected fans are ideal for operation in the harshest of environments. Designed to perform subject to dust and water exposure.

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    ebm-papst Custom Assembly

    ebm-papst Custom Assembly

    Manufacturing made simple. The Higher Level Assembly (HLA) service from ebm-papst partnering with RS Components allows you to exploit the benefits of off-site product assembly.

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    Choosing an axial fan

    When to choose an axial fan

    An axial fan blade works on the same principle as how an aircraft wing generates lift. The difference in higher pressure below the wing and lower pressure above it generates lift.

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