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    RECOM AC-DC Converters

    RECOM is a leading manufacturer of AC-DC converters with over 30,000 compact power supplies for use in a wide variety of applications. RECOM specialises in AC-DC converters and are known for their high efficiency, reliability and are cost efficient making them a ideal choice!

    What are AC-DC converters used for?

    RECOM AC-DC converters, also known as rectifiers, are electronic devices that convert alternating current (AC) power into direct current (DC) power. They also provide protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, and thermal conditions, ensuring safe and stable operation of the equipment.

    Where are AC-DC Converters used?

    They are widely used in industrial and commercial applications, such as power supplies for electronic devices, lighting systems, and other equipment that requires a DC voltage input.

    • Computers
    • Televisions
    • Phone Chargers
    • Electronic Consumer Devices

    Key features of RECOM AC-DC converters

    • High efficiency and power density
    • Wide input voltage range
    • Overvoltage, overcurrent and thermal protection
    • Long-term reliability
    • Different package options to fit different application requirements
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