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Spillage Control

Spill control products are used to manage and contain spills immediately in workplaces to protect employees from being harmed by potentially damaging substances such as fuels, chemicals and oils. They're a safety fundamental, any site should have completed a thorough COSHH risk assessment and have the required spillage control products in place to effectively respond to spills.

What types of products are available to deal with spillage?

We have a great range of products to help you act fast and tackle any size spill to protect your business and more importantly, your people. You'll find absorbent pads, spill kits and spillage control equipment all from trusted industry experts including Lubetech, 3M and our own quality brand RS PRO.

  • Spill kits - containing everything you need to manage and respond to spills of any type, so you can grab one quickly in cases of emergency.
  • Spill absorbents - whether you need absorbent pads, absorbent mats or socs to place around machinery.
  • Liquid storage - Industrial spill trays and pallets to catch any drips and spills from potentially hazardous liquids.
  • Spill control equipment - protective barriers to stop liquids going into drains, spill control carts for safe and fast transportation of spill equipment, oil booms for use on land or water as well as more spill containment equipment.

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