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    EMI Filters & Protection

    EMI Filters & Protection shielding materials offer a wide range of products from leading industry brands such as TDK, Schaffner, TE Connectivity, Wurth Elektronik and Laird Technologies as well as our RS PRO brand for even better value.

    EMI filters and EMI shielding protection products can be attached to devices or circuits to reduce high frequency electromagnetic noise transmitted through conduction that may cause interference with other devices. This means that EMI filters can remove any unwanted current conducted through cables and wires but at the same time still permitting other wanted currents to flow. Some countries also have legal requirements that determine the approved type and amount of EMI that devices may generate, so that they do not interfere with other equipment. These regulations can therefore drive the decision to use a filter to keep harmful EMI out of a device.

    EMI (electromagnetic interference) is present in all areas of electronics and is the disruption of electronic operations and electronic devices from emissions. EMI can have a big effect on electronic operations and communications in various industries as EMI travels in waves and can cause devices and equipment to malfunction. In order to reduce the effects of EMI, you can use EMI filters and shielding protection devices that can help remove electromagnetic radiation waves. These filters can also prevent EMI from escaping and interfering with other sensitive equipment close by. High reliable EMI filters and protection shielding products are designed to consistently meet requirements and are essential to many industries and businesses.

    Types of EMI filters and protection

    Effective EMI filtering is necessary for almost every modern electronic device, including devices that generate their own EMI, as well as devices that are sensitive to EMI within their environment. Popular devices include:

    • Ferrite Beads (also known as ferrite chokes)
    • Ferrite Rings and Sleeves
    • Common Mode Chokes
    • Feedthrough Capacitors
    • Power line filters
    • RC Network Capacitors
    • Shielding Sheets and Strips
    • Signal Filters
    • Sine Wave Filters

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