Recycling Portable Batteries

This applies to any battery not listed under "Industrial Batteries", i.e. batteries weighing <4kg. As a distributor of portable batteries, we offer the following facilities:

Via our network of RS Locals. We will take-back waste portable batteries at our branches. For locations, click here.
If the item does not have the wheelie bin marker with bar please include a copy of the sales invoice of the item replacing it. Not suitable for hazardous waste.

Collection Points:
Our scheme provider BatteryBack has an extensive network of collection bins. For the nearest location to you, please visit

Should you have any difficulty viewing this information, please email BatteryBack at

If you are planning to recycle a lead-acid battery over 2kg, please contact the collection point before visiting to ensure they will accept it. Most supermarkets will be unable to accept these. Alternatively BatteryBack can collect, as below.


BatteryBack will arrange a free-of-charge collection from your premises, provided the total weight of portable batteries exceeds 40kg. Collecting small volumes below 40kg is not considered environmentally best practice.
To book a battery collection, please go to or email

Collection will normally be arranged within 5 - 15 working days.

BatteryBack will confirm at the time of collection booking the size of the load for collection.
In any case, the waste must be accessible for the driver (e.g. at ground level). Site access restrictions will also need to be detailed to allow for the driver to plan for the collection.
If you use your own containers, to be acceptable for transportation, the following criteria have to be met:

- Batteries to be in a plastic liner, inside a dry, plastic sealed container
- Containers potentially containing lithium batteries are marked on the outside USED LITHIUM BATTERIES (in letters at least 12mm high) and packed in container of no more than 30kg.
- Lead Acid batteries MUST be stored separately from dry batteries

Recycling Industrial Batteries

As defined by the legislation, we are a producer of RS and Ritar branded industrial batteries. During this compliance period and over the last three years we have placed the following chemistry types of batteries on to the UK markets:

Valve regulated sealed lead-acid batteries over 4kg (lead-acid batteries under 4kg can be considered portable, for these see the section on Portable Batteries.)

Under our obligations as a producer of industrial batteries, we will take back waste lead acid industrial batteries free of charge and within a reasonable time from an end-user during the compliance period, provided:

- The end user being supplied by RS with new batteries during the compliance period,
- The end user not being able for any reason to return waste batteries to the original producer, or
- The waste product is of the same chemistry and product type as that placed on the market by RS during the compliance period or any of the preceding 3 years.

The options are:

Via our network of RS Locals. We will take-back waste RS industrial batteries at our branches. For locations, click here.


BatteryBack will on our behalf collect free-of-charge any waste lead acid industrial batteries you wish to return for recycling.