How eInvoicing works:

  • - Invoices are created by our billing system and sent to our eInvoicing partner
  • - Our eInvoicing partner creates an electronic file, to the exact specification needed by your system
  • - The file is sent to your system. This may be direct, or via a third-party system, depending on your set-up
  • - Our eInvoicing partner will also create a PDF file which is the legal tax invoice
  • - This invoice is then either accepted by your system or rejected back to us in the event of a query
  • - The invoice is archived and you can access this document through a portal

Handling large volumes of paperwork, transferring data and manual reconciliation is eliminated

Discover the benefits of eInvoicing

Gain more control over orders and spend


Save time


Boost visibility


Improve reporting


Speed up processing


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