RS allows you to see your multi-channel order history over a rolling 13-month period. Multi-channel orders means that you can view orders placed online and offline, such as those placed by phone, fax, email, sales agent, etc.

You also have the option to see a complete view of your organisation's order history. This allows all employees with a sold-to to be able to view their orders and other employee's orders.

How do I search for an order?

You can search any order you have placed by RS reference number, by channel, date and name.

  • - Step 1 - Go to 'My Account' from the navigation bar
  • - Step 2 - Click on the 'My Orders' tab in the drop-down menu
  • - Step 3 - A list of orders will appear. Choose the way you wish to search and click 'Search Orders'.
    This functionality enables you to search by:
    • - Your Order Number
    • - RS Stock Numbers
    • - RS reference Numbers
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