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    ROSE Systemtechnik

    ROSE Systemtechnik GmbH, Erbeweg 13-15, Porta Westfalica, North Rhine-Westphalia, 32457, Germany

    ROSE Systemtechnik - Sturdy industrial and handheld enclosures for all applications

    ROSE Systemtechnik is one of the most well-known manufacturers of reliable industrial and handheld enclosures made from polyester, aluminum, stainless steel, or polycarbonate. And they have been doing so for over 50 years! These enclosures come in various sizes and provide dependable protection against dust, moisture, fires, or vibrations for electronic components and other installations. The products meet the requirements of all common standards and regulations and are accordingly certified.

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    Aluminium Enclosure

    Aluminium Enclosures - Versatile and robust

    • High quality aluminium alloy with a low copper content for better corrosion protection and machining
    • Ingress protection up to IP69 and basic EMC protection
    • Robust to even adversive environmental conditions
    • Variety of accessories and gaskets for individual requirements
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    Handheld operating enclosures for industrial application

    Handheld operating enclosures for industrial application

    • Large fitting space allowing installation of PCBs
    • Prepared fixing points for displays
    • Leightweight and durable
    • Large selection of different models
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    We are ROSE Systemtechnik!

    ROSE Systemtechnik has been a reliable manufacturer of industrial enclosures. The comprehensive service ranges from development, production and assembly to testing and fast delivery.

    Aluminium enclosure with screwed lid from ROSE Systemtechnik

    Aluminum Standard Enclosures - for electronical components

    The product range of die-cast aluminium standard enclosures extends over more than 40 sizes, from 45x50x30 mm to 600x600x200 mm. These enclosures are ideal for the integration of electrical and electromechanical components such as terminals, pushbuttons, switching elements and electronic assemblies with circuit boards. They fulfil the highest quality standards and offer basic EMC protection.

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    Stainless steel enclosure from ROSE Systemtechnik with lid screws, threaded bushes, embossed base and seal

    Stainless Steel Enclosures - for protection in aggressive environments

    The stainless steel enclosures from ROSE Systemtechnik are made of material 1.4301/304 and are characterised by their excellent resistance in adverse and aggressive environments. The lid and base are connected by a reliable screw connection. The enclosures offer IP66 as standard and can also be equipped with IP69 on request. Effective EMC shielding is already integrated and can be reinforced with a special EMC seal.

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    Polyester enclosure from ROSE Systemtechnik with screw-fastened lid

    Polyester Standard enclosures

    Polyester standard enclosures from ROSE Systemtechnik are the ideal choice for the installation of electronic components in industrial contexts. They are lightweight, while the material strength offers excellent stability and impact resistance of up to IK07 in accordance with EN 60079-0. These enclosures provide reliable protection against acids, oils and grease, particularly in the food and chemical industries. We offer 25 enclosure sizes ranging from 55 x 55 x 37 mm to 406 x 401 x 201 mm.

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    Handheld enclosure from ROSE Systemtechnik with handle and space for switches

    Pilot handheld enclosures

    Manual control enclosures from ROSE Systemtechnik have found applications in all areas - from the control of large construction machines to scanners for goods. They offer perfect installation options for buttons, switches or membrane keypads. The handle makes them particularly easy to handle.

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